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Law enforcement professionals must react quickly to a variety of situations.  From a mental health crisis to an armed robbery, the ability to adapt one’s approach is crucial in deescalating a situation while improving one’s ability to save lives.

Designed to reduce violence and save lives.

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Assessing a situation as a law-enforcement professional requires versatility and has life changing consequences.

In a perfect world, law-enforcement officers would be called upon a scene once the situation has been assessed and force is to be used. In reality, officers often act as the first responders due to their speed and ability to adapt to various situations. The depth of these situations is such that on-going training is required in order to act appropriately to help save lives.

When assessing a situation where decisions must be made within a fraction of a second, wouldn’t it be nice if:

  • You had the tools to quickly identify the problematic you are being called upon
  • You were confident about the approach you are using to address the situation
  • You had the most up-to-date techniques to keep yourself and the lives of those you are to protect safe.

With the increased focus on the role law enforcement officers play in the community, how can this training help?

The issue with an ever-changing definition of what it means to be a law enforcement officer is the necessity to stay up to date with the latest de-escalation techniques adapted to the current time’s situation.  Your decisions need to be done swiftly and will have repercussions on the lives of those living in your community. 

At Correctional Clinician Training, our mission is to provide law enforcement officers who work with the latest tools and guidelines to develop and/or maintain their competencies.

In this training, you will learn:

  • The tools and techniques recommended to understand and prevent violence.
  • How to address medical considerations with the use of force.
  • How to address and respond appropriately to sexual harassment calls
  • Have access to our complete crisis intervention training modules for law enforcements
  • Understand a systematic view of suicide prevention techniques.

Brought to you by a team of experts in the correctional facility industry

Specialized courses designed by clinical health care professionals made for law enforcement professionals.

This tailored group of courses includes:

1. Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)

2. Understanding and Preventing Violence

3. Trauma Informed Care for Correctional Professionals

4. Systems View of Suicide Prevention

5. Cultural Competency

6. Managing Inmates with Personality and Behavioral Health Disorders

7. PREA: Prison Rape Elimination Act.

8. Use of Force: Medical Considerations

9. Introduction to Biobehavioral Science and Mental Health in Corrections

10. Professionalism

11. Sexual Harassment

12. Communication Skills and Interpersonal Relations

Our team consists of dedicated practitioners whom are subject matter experts in the correctional field. We provide a vast amount of innovative knowledge and experience with our online courses developed specifically for law-enforcement professionals.

We will be updating this training on a continuous basis. 


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The problem is often the trainings which are being given are generic and/or outdated. They need to be precise, concise and actionable.  At CCTrainings, we’ve put together a list of public safety courses adapted to what it means to be a law enforcement professional in 2020.